Using Google Analytics we've compiled the 20 most viewed articles via the KFR app and for 2020.

WKFR articles have received almost 21 million pageviews between January 1st, 2020 to December 13th, 2020.  Clearly, we were all looking for an escape from the pandemic as the 20 most viewed stories only had 4 stories connected to Covid-19.

#20. Five Things Michigan People Say Incorrectly
Why do so many Michigan people "beggle" instead of "bay-gull" when talking about begels?  This article received 201,471 total pageviews.  Click here and quiz yourself on the 5 things Michiganders say incorrectly.


#19. Vote For Your Favorite Bartender in Southwest Michigan - 2020
With the pandemic this year, bars have closed, reopened and reclosed.  We didn't let that stand in the way of our annual Bartender poll.  You guys came out in droves to vote as this article received 206,350 views and the poll got over 16,000 votes.  See the results by clicking here.

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#18. Win $10,000 Cash With The KFR Cash Code!
A couple times a year you have a chance to win a ton of Townsquare Media's money.  Clearly, many of you took advantage as the KFR Cash Code page was viewed 209,002 times this year.

#17. A Look at What’s Left of Michigan’s Sugar Loaf Ski Lodge
These photos give you a shocking look at the now abandoned Sugar Loaf Ski Lodge.  It has been viewed 237,713 times.  Check out these crazy photos by clicking here.

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#16. We've Been Using The Center Lane Wrong This Whole Time
Many knew that it was totally illegal to do this one thing in the left lane.  However, some did not know.  Maybe that's why it got 248,800 total pageviews.  Click here to find out what it is.

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#15. Michigan, Indiana and Ohio's Most Embarrassing Google Searches
This story was eye-opening and hilarious.  Spoiler alert, Michigan came of very insecure.  This article was viewed 254,629 times.  Find out the most embarrassing google search for your state by clicking here.

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#14. Look Inside Kid Rock's $2.2 Million Detroit Mansion
 Only God Knows Why Kid Rock keeps trying to sell the perfect place to party All Summer Long.  I do know there's a reason why these photos have been viewed 259,180 times.  Click here to check out photos of this crazy home.

TIMOTHY COOK with Skyline Realty Group, Llc

#13. The 12 Hardest Town Names to Pronounce in Michigan
Michiganders love a small town they nobody can pronounce.  That must be why this article was viewed 275,824 times.  Click here to see the full list.

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#12. Here's A Possible Kalamazoo School Week Proposal For This Fall
The pandemic left lots of questions as the first day of school was rapidly approaching.  What was really best for the students and school faculty's wellbeing?  This article was viewed 275,947 times.  Click here to see the full story.

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#11. Photos of an Eerie Downtown Kalamazoo After Protests
As if the pandemic wasn't enough to make 2020 the worst year ever.  Videos of a terrible abuse of power went viral from Minnesota to Kentucky.  Peaceful protests were met with counter protests and law enforcement with military equipment all over the nation including Kalamazoo.  The photo gallery of downtown Kalamazoo all boarded up was seen 288,780 times.  Click here to see those eerie photos.

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#10. One of The Coolest Houses In Hartford, MI is For Sale
It looks like a house a 1920's gangster would live in.  Maybe that's why this article has been viewed 302,673 times.  Click here to check out pics of this amazing house.

Listing Agent: Scott Parker

#9. How Many Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In Michigan? Updated Daily
The Covid-19 pandemic has been at the forefront of everyone's minds since last February.  That's why we've updated the stats daily for Michigan including a county by county break down.  That article has received a total of 303,244.  Click here for the full story.

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#8. Former Neighbor Tells a Different Tale About Owosso Barber
Harsh words about a Michigan business owner who reopened his barber shop against state orders during the pandemic got a total of 344,672 pageviews.  Click here for the full story.


#7. Check Out The 10 Smallest Towns in Michigan 

Whether you want to know if you live in one of the smallest Michigan towns or you're planning a tiny town trip, this article did very well with 377,574.  Have you been to any of the 10 smallest Michigan towns?  Find out by clicking here.

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#6. For Sale: $3.25M Kalamazoo Compound w/Private Lake and Waterfall 

The article featuring this beautiful Kalamazoo home received 430,648 total pageviews.  Click here to see all of the photos.

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#5. Cardi B Wants to Spend $88K on Purse That Looks Like Ugg Boot 

This national story really got people talking in Southwest Michigan.  Cardi B tweeted about possibly purchasing bag for $88,000 and the world lost it's mind.  That story was viewed 476,036 times on our app and website.  Click here to get mad at Cardi.

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#4. Michigan Man May Be the Next Voice Champion

A 31-year-old man from a small Michigan town captured our attention when he appeared on NBC's The Voice in October.  This story got 502,759 views.  Click here for the full story.

#3. Michigan's Grossest Event Still Happening This Year 

This slightly cringeworthy story received lots of attention in June, as it was viewed 620,379 times.  It's a bunch of drunk people in gross water grouped together during the pandemic.  Why not?  Get the full story by clicking here.

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#2. Kalamazoo Pup Apparently Abandoned In The Street Has Found A New Home

This heartbreaking story with a happy ending has been viewed 662,075 times in just the last 3 weeks.  Click here for the full story.

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#1. Who Are Southwest Michigan's Favorite Hairstylists in 2020?

We asked you to vote for your favorite local hairstylists.  The voting page of this poll received nearly 1.7 million pageviews.  Click here for the results of that poll.

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