Is Michigan officially in the second wave of the pandemic?

Michigan was in bad shape at the beginning of this pandemic.  But could it be even worse now?  In April Michigan had the 3rd most new Covid-19 daily cases and 2nd most deaths due to Covid-19 in the United States.  Then in June it looked like we were so close to beating this thing down.  That brings us to October.  Things are not looking so good and could get worse.

The state of Michigan reported 2,030 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday, October 15th.  That's the largest number of new daily cases of this virus that Michigan has ever reported.  In fact, we are now averaging 1,174 new daily cases over the last week.

Michigan also reported 32 Covid related deaths on October 15th.  That is the most deaths in one day for our state in 4 months.

Breaking things down by county, Kalamazoo County is a hot spot.  Here's a look at Michigan counties:

LIVE UPDATES: Coronavirus in Kalamazoo, MI

Get more in depth break downs for the state of Michigan by clicking here.

Michigan currently has the 19th most Covid-19 cases and the 10 most deaths.  The silver lining the these numbers is that Michigan has processed a little over 4.5 million tests.  That ranks 6th in the nation (12th per population.)

Many will argue that Michigan saw a huge spike in Covid-19 cases due to increased testing.  However, the total daily processed tests in October are very close to the same amount in August and September.

The major concern now is that more people we'll be around others in doors as the temps drop through the Fall and Winter months.  That could lead to even more Covid-19 cases.

The best way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is by social distancing and wearing a mask.  These measures have somehow become political.  The fact is this virus doesn't care about your political affiliation.  Get more info from the CDC on how to protect yourself and those around you by clicking here.

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