Is Ohio having its craziest year ever?  Maybe.

From 6-year-olds drinking beer in public to a grown man walking around hotels completely naked, it's been a wild year for the Buckeye State.  Don't even try to blame this crazy behavior on the Michigan vs Ohio football game.  Michigan dominated Ohio State way after all of these insane moments took place.

With that being said, let's check out the 10 craziest moments in Ohio for 2022. Some of these stories are hilarious, while some of them are too sad to be funny.

10 Craziest Ohio Moments of 2022

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Ohio continues to give Florida a run for its money.  Luckily nothing crazy like this ever happens in Michigan.  OK, maybe sometimes...but not at a Buckeye level. ;)  Is there a crazy Ohio story that you think is missing from the top 10?  Please, let us know in the comments.

Crazy things happening in Ohio is nothing new.  Check out the 5 craziest stories out of Ohio from 2021 below.

5 Craziest Ohio News Stories in 2021

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