I remember the very moment I realized Lake St. Clair was one of the nastiest places I've ever been to. It was when I got in the water and it felt like I was sitting in someone else's lukewarm bath water. Then my foot hit the ground. Ground is a pretty generous word considering it felt like my toes sunk into a bowl of gelatinous goo filled with seaweed and toxic sludge.

Now imagine this is your setting, then you take a group on obnoxious, drunk, out of control, annoying people in their mid twenties and early 40's and put them in hundreds of boats. This is not the dream soup of choice. This my friends...is Jobbie Nooner. Now, not ALL of the people attending are as horrible as I described, but that's the majority. I've heard enough stories from old co-workers about how nasty it can get there enough to never wanna go near that place. But during a pandemic, they still think this is a safe event to have this year.

According to their site, the event itself doesn't have a sanctioned organizer, and is a self-organized natural phenomenon. With that being said, the United States Coast Guard, St Clair County and Macomb County Sheriff will have final say whether or not it will be shut down or limited. Anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 people are rumored to attend any given day, which doesn't do good on a social distance level. So for now, we'll have to wait and see. But something tells me Covid-19 won't be the worst disease there if it does go down.

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Virtually Experience a Jobbie Nooner

For those of you who are all about this event on the other hand, here are some videos you'll surely enjoy from Nooners past:


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