About time for some positive press about Michigan. Well...at least for one of our residents.

Ryan Gallagher, a 31 year old man from a small town named Ada, right outside of Grand Rapids, just KILLED it on The Voice.

As reported by MLive.com, Ryan has been performing for the past 10 years mainly focusing on events like weddings, beauty pageants and so on. But, unlike other competitors, Ryan is an opera singer. For his audition on The Voice he chose to perform a song that always gives me chills, The Prayer originally performed by performed Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. Check out the full audition below.

All four judges ended up turning around to try to convince Ryan to join their team but Kelly seemed the most excited even standing at one point because she appeared SO blown away by his performance. Which didn't go unnoticed. A lot of comments on the youtube video seem to hint at a possible love connection between Kelly and Ryan. User Ryan Jordan wrote,

Kelly was looking at him like she was seeing her future husband

The internet never disappoints. While Ryan did decide to team up with Kelly, I doubt the reason was anything other than wanting to win.

Ryan also shared his motivation for his success...his family. He said,

I grew up with four brothers and one sister. My mother is the backbone of our family. She’s had multiple sclerosis for 28 years. She’s going strong, maybe even more strong since she was diagnosed. My mom is a trooper. She gave me the courage to dream big and whatever you do, do it 100%.

With a voice like that I'd be surprised if he didn't make it all the way to the finals. The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 on NBC. We're rooting for you Ryan!

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