If you thought it was spooky when Michigan kept showing up in the TV series Supernatural, hold on to your wigs.  American Horror Story is about to step it up a notch.

According to MLive,

Very little is known about the next installment of "American Horror Story." One thing we do know is that it's apparently set in Michigan.


Creepy locations from past seasons of AHS include:

Season 1: Murder House - Los Angeles, California

Season 2:  Asylum - Massachusetts

Season 3: Coven - New Orleans, Louisiana

Season 4: Freak Show - Jupiter, Florida

Season 5: Hotel - Los Angeles, California

Season 6: Roanoke - Roanoke Island

Season 7: Cult, premiering Sept 5th at 10 PM on FX set somewhere in the menacing mitten state will take place during the presidential election of 2016.  It doesn't get much scarier than that.



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