Netflix just launched an original series called The OA that hooked me in the first 10 minutes.

The OA is about a blind girl from Michigan played by Brit Marling that is found after a 7 year disappearance.  The first episode takes place in Michigan and Russia as it takes you on many twists and turns.

The downfall to her hometown in Michigan is that it looks nothing like Michigan.  So far, that's all I can find wrong with this show.

Paste Magazine talks about how The OA is separates it'self from the usual Sci-Fi show,

The OA, doesn’t take place in a not-so-distant future or present itself as a dystopia. It doesn’t involve aliens or time or space travel. There are no demogorgons or smoke monsters. There is, however, a woman who calls herself the Original Angel—and she means that literally. In her mind (which may or may not be fully intact after seven years in captivity), she and four other people with whom she was held are angels who’ve suffered from multiple near-death experiences. These angels have supposedly been gifted five movements that, if performed in sync, have the power to open another dimension..

Currently one full season (8 episodes) are available on Netflix.  Many people who have already binge watched this are begging for season 2 on social media.

The OA isn't the only show that takes place in Michigan that you can find on Netflix.  Check out Supernatural and The Vice episode about the Michigan Militia.

Bonus Video:  There's a Bat in Dana's Basement 

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