Will You Accept Being Microchipped?
Hudsonville Attorney Katherine Henry says the questionable provisions aren’t necessarily hidden in the wording of the legislation. She says they are clearly stated. Henry says if a company gets a court order, the legislation allows the company to require employees to submit to microchipping f…
The 12 Hardest Town Names to Pronounce in Michigan
Welcome to Michigan, where our tourism slogan is is "Pure Michigan," but pronouncing the names of our towns isn't purely simple. Take for instance "Wequetonsing." According to a helpful article from Click on Detroit, it's pronounced "Weck-wey-ton-sing," but ev…
I Guess Record-Breaking Ain't What It Used To Be
I understand, everything in life in this bright new millennium is about spin. Polarized as we are, we try to spin everything; statistics, news events, sports related results. This past Tuesday's election results is the latest example of spin.

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