It's hard to ignore how often the CW show Supernatural seems to take place in Michigan cities.  In fact, I found a Supernatural map.

Among the 6 cities in Michigan that Sam and Dean have fought off demons, Battle Creek has been the setting for 3 episode.  Check out a list of the locations and each episode that took place in that area.  Below that you'll find a map of ALL Supernatural locations.

6 Michigan Locations Sam and Dean Fought Demons in Supernatural

#1.  Battle Creek, MI (Two and a Half Men, Live Free or Twihard, Mannequin 3: The Reckoning)

#2.  Lansing, MI (Two and a Half Men)

#3.  Saginaw, MI (Nightmare)

#4.  Ypsilanti, MI (A Very Supernatural Christmas)

#5.  Dearborn, MI (Defending Your Life)

#6.  Detroit, MI (Swan Song)

Supernatural Map
Google Maps

Apparently, Michigan hasn't seen the worst of the demonic possessions.

The Winchester brothers have hit Indiana and Ohio 8 times each.

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