While riding past Verburg Park on Gull Road, I noticed a MOUNTAIN of dirt piled up against the Gull Road's side of the park fence. This piqued my interest and as I went west a few more feet, I saw cranes and other construction machinery making me wonder what is going on with the park.

With parks like Lacrone Park getting the splash pad renovation a couple of years ago and Milham park getting the facelift it needed with a new playground, it's not far off to believe that they could be continuing their beautification project around the city. So, now the question begs, what's the reason for the construction at Verburg Park?

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Park Possibilities

First off, I'm no expert in what's going on currently, but I do know that many Kalamazoo residents would use the park for access to the Kalamazoo River, walk along the Kal-Haven/Kalamazoo River Trail, and even use the park space for their children to play, family get-togethers, and other means.

With all of this in mind, this brings up multiple possibilities on why the construction is going on at Verburg park. The first idea that comes to mind is that they may be making renovations and updates to the boat launch along the river to keep the access available for the community, this is after the city recently updated the boat launch at Mayor's Riverfront Park.

Also, a new playground could be added or replace the one that was there previously as many parks around the city have gotten a makeover in the past few years. As the years go on, there seem to be fewer children outside and I believe that the initiative to make the parks more beautiful is to encourage children to get outside and play.

What's Really Going On?

Turns out, there is plenty of information about why the dirt and construction materials are having an extended stay at Verburg Park. They are actually working on and completing a long overdue project.

The construction that is taking place is more so about the river than it is about the park, as many of us know Graphic Packaging has gotten itself into some trouble for dumping emissions into the Kalamazoo River. They have closed Verburg park for the time being to allow for the cleaning of the Kalamazoo River

What's The Construction About At Verburg Park

Photos of the construction materials and machinery along with shipping containers that are sitting in Verburg Park. The park is closed due to the cleaning project for the Kalamazoo River

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