By now everybody knows about Rocket Fizz, the ultimate candy and pop shop in Kalamazoo. They have some of the weirdest tasting pops and hundreds of different kinds of candy to chose from. The newest candy that they have in their collection now has me a little shook though. This new sucker called "The Toe Of Satan."

Now, when it comes to peppers and the heat they produce, it's measured in scoville units. Normally the hottest pepper you can get on the market is called a Scotch Bonnet, which register 250,000 scoville units. The Toe Ff Satan registers in at 9,000,000 scoville units! That's 3,000,000 more units than pepper spray. This falls shy of the hottest known substance which is Pure Capsaicin which has a SU measurement of 15 million. Still...
this sucker is intense. The real question is, should I do the challenge? You can buy the sucker for yourself if you want to try it for only $7

So the question here is, should I try the challenge? If this gets 1,000 votes by the end of the month I'll do it!


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