If you have a sweet tooth then I'm about to make you drool all over yourself. Rocket Fizz, a retro candy and soda shop has opened in Kalamazoo and I've never seen a more magical pop and candy store in my life. The store, which now resides in the old Plata y Oro jewelry store, has the largest selection of candy and pop ever found in one store.

Yesterday, me and Heather McGregor visited Rocket Fizz located at 125 S Kalamazoo Mall, to do a taste testing of some their strangest pop flavors. Sadly at the time, they were out of the heavily favored Pickle & Birthday Cake styles, but we made up for it with some off the wall brands. Check out the video and see for yourself how incredible this store is. Just walking in there helped me relive the old saying "like a kid in a candy store."



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