By now I'm sure you've seen the newest internet trend of people making funny comments about what the LaCroix carbonated beverage tastes like to them. I've had it before and really, I think it's good. But I think it's the fact that although it may be a healthier alternative to regular pop, it's clearly never gonna have the same taste as it; sparkling beverages seldom do.

Regardless, the trend is friggin hilarious and I wanted to see what the people of Kalamazoo thought about the drinks. Surprisingly there are some people out there who feel the same way I do. It really is a much better alternative to pop if you don't mind a lighter tasting drink. One of the funniest descriptions I've ever seen of it though is " LaCroix tastes like while you take a sip, someone yells out a specific flavor from the other room." Where do people come up with these?

Hats off to those who commented, you provided a good laugh.



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