This and many other stories show us how confused Ohio residents are about what an emergency is.

A gentleman that clearly doesn't understand the proper use of 911 recently called the police for help in his garden according to,

After raccoons got into a man’s garden one too many times, he called police Aug. 3. An officer gave the man information on nuisance-control companies.

I understand that critters getting into your garden can be frustrating.  But most of us understand how busy the police are dealing with actual crimes or saving lives.  There seems to be a disconnect for many on the use of the emergency only number, 911.  Let me give you a few specific examples out of the buckeye state.

There was the 39-year-old Ohio woman that called 911 after her parents decided to stop paying for her cell service in February of 2020.

Then we have the Ohio man who called 911 to tell on his wife for coming home late from her date earlier this year.

OK, how about just one more?  A 26-year-old Ohio man was arrested after making nearly 80 non-emergency calls to 911.  Some of those calls he was very aggressive and cursing.  In some of the calls the man pretended to be a dog.

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