The audio of this Ohio man's multiple 911 calls is aggressive border-lining deranged.

This Ohio man was barking up the wrong tree according to WHIO TV 7,

Another person in the Miami Valley was jailed for making unnecessary 911 calls, a Clark County man who was barking like a dog at one point during numerous calls Tuesday to dispatchers.

You may have noticed the word "another" in that quote.  That's because earlier in the week a woman from the same county was busted for making nearly 80 non-emergency 911 calls.

Back to the guy that had far too much time on his hands last Tuesday.  You can listen to his very aggressive, non-nonsensical, curse word-laced 911 calls by clicking here.

26-year-old Yountz Fambro is now facing a felony charge of disrupting a public service.  The craziest part of this story is that he just wouldn't stop.  Clark County Sheriff's deputies drove to his location and warned him that he should stop or he would be arrested.  Five minutes after the police left he started calling 911 again.

Ohio...STOP IT.

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