An Eastlake, Ohio baseball team has just come up with the strangest promotion ever. Will this work or will ticket sales circle the drain?

I'm not sure if it was the promotion team of Lake County Captains or Roto-Rooter that plunged into this idea.  Whoever thought this up, no doubt cracked themselves up and thought they were on a roll.  The team that put this together needs to wipe the grin off of their faces.  Who is going to pay for a ticket to sit on a toilet and watch a minor-league baseball game?  Their big idea is called Roto-Rooter Toilet Row at Classic Auto Group Park in Eastlake, Ohio according to a press release from the MILB,

This unique seating experience, a groundbreaking first in Minor League Baseball, will offer fans the opportunity to enjoy the game from the comfort of deluxe, high-end toilets positioned right behind home plate.

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If you spend $16 dollars to sit in Roto-Rooter Toilet Row, you get to participate in a plumber throwing contest and you'll have a personal bathroom attendant.  Be very careful while drinking beer in these seats.  You might get tanked.  My apologies. That was a crappy joke.  If sitting on a toilet in public while watching baseball is your jam you can click here for tickets.


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