I think I may have found my people. And, they're in Ohio.

I've often been teased about my slow descent into bird-watching at the ripe age of 35. I can't help it. I like knowing what birds I'm hearing outside of my window, and what birds I'm seeing in the sky. And, yes, I will stop to watch them every time.

Apparently, I'm not alone.

Today I learned that there is a 10-day festival held in Oak Harbor, Ohio that is all about bird watching.

The festival, known as The Biggest Week in American Birding invites bird watchers of all ages and all experience levels to come out and, you guessed it, watch for birds.

According to visittoledo.org, the annual festival is known to draw crowds of 90,000 or more.

About the Festival

The festival, which began in 2009, offers workshops, presentations, and trips along with guided walks that provide information on migration, the types of birds to be on the lookout for, and more.

Happening yearly from May 5th - 14th, it does tend to sell out early so, if you're interested in attending next year, make sure to bookmark their website.

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Why Ohio?

As it turns out, NW Ohio is the best place in North America to witness the spring migration of birds.

Again, referring to visittoledo.org,

Lake Erie acts as a barrier that the birds are reluctant to cross during migration. The birds gather in marshlands on the lake’s southern edge to refuel and rest before crossing Lake Erie. In addition, the trees are just beginning to bud and the visibility of the birds is exceptional.

Who knew?

Find information for birding beginners and the festival here.

NW Ohio is also the Warbler capital of the world.

Speaking of Warblers, they're one of the birds you'll most likely hear around SW Michigan during the spring season:

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