The smell of cotton candy, elephant ears, and bbq are in the air at the Calhoun County Fair in Marshall this week.

Funnel Cake Elephant Ear

Did you know that the Calhoun County Fair is the oldest in Michigan? It started way back in the year 1848!

I remember going as a kid and loving everything about it. Since I was a part of 4-H, I would compete for the top prize in my category. Even if I didn't win anything, it was still so much fun to be a part of the competition. I didn't raise animals or anything but I did make some pretty cool electronics projects.

Now let's talk fair food, I mean who doesn't love a deliciously greasy elephant ear? There's always bbq, pizza, corndogs, you name it, they've got it. I guess you could say my favorite part of the fair is the food.

The next thing is all the rides and games, which is a huge part of the fair. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel and overlook the entire fairgrounds. Just don't eat all the food I was talking about before you go on any of the rides, I've made that mistake before and will never do it again. lol

Entertainment is another huge part of the fair. You'll find anything from musical groups to tractor pulls and even bull fighting!

So take your family out to the Calhoun County Fair this week and have a great time! You can click on the link provided for the full schedule of what's happening on each day.

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