Allegan is for the nerds! And I use the word "nerd" here lovingly as a term of endearment because I count myself among them.

Having grown up in Allegan myself I must say-- it's a lot cooler than it used to be! If you've been snoozing on downtown Allegan here's what you've been missing:

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Not only does Allegan have two breweries including a social district, it's also home to a secret pinball arcade, comic book shop, newly opened true crime museum and we just got yet another tabletop gaming shop.

But Doesn't Allegan Already Have a Board Game Shop?

Well, it did.

It was around this time last year when we first shared news that gaming hobby shop Hoard of the Dragon had opened in the former Regent Arcade site located directly behind the old Regent Theatre.

However, on Valentine's Day 2023 the shop shared a post to their Facebook page announcing their upcoming closure saying,

The last year has been a lot of fun. We helped develop a community of gamers in Allegan...We hosted tournaments, family events... But all of that came with a price. As the year grew longer, and the sales began to grow, so did the demands on our time...So, we made the decision that in order to stay healthy, and keep a healthy relationship with our loved ones, we had to walk away.

Hoard of the Dragon closed it's doors on March 24, 2023-- that's where this new shop comes in!

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Allegan's alley next to the Regent - Google Maps

Hidden Alley Gaming

The aptly named "Hidden Alley Gaming" shop is set to pick up where the former left off. Located in the inconspicuous alley next to the Regent Theatre, the spouse of one of the owners says this new store will, events and sell retail, particularly for the increasingly popular card game called Flesh and Blood.

Although the new shop is still waiting on approval for their official Facebook page, Hidden Alley Gaming is set to open for business this Friday, May 5 at 5:00 p.m. Find the "hidden" shop at 211 1/2 Trowbridge St. in downtown Allegan. Let the games begin!

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