The Battle Creek Police Department are warning its' residents to be aware of people going door-to-door trying to steal valuable information from you. According to authorities in one case recently, a man in the Post Addition neighborhood tried to offer one resident a 'better Medicare plan’ than the one they had just signed up for. He then asked for the resident’s old Medicare card, which shows the client’s Social Security Number. Luckily, the resident was weary of the "salesman" and asked him to leave.

The BCPD told Fox 17, "Legitimate sellers will know the marketing regulations, and will be willing to show their business card AND their legal ID/Drivers License to prove they are who they say they are. If they won’t let you see their ID, don’t show them yours!" Don't allow yourself to get scammed by people, especially during the holiday season. Be on the look-out for these crooks.

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