Attending a yacht party or another large gathering on a boat is on most people's bucket list. Throwing one is something that seems to be reserved for the rich and famous. Well, living in a place like Michigan which has the Great Lakes and many other lakes scattered around its area of land, you expect and see TONS of boats. You see every kind of boat such as speed, sailing, and pontoon boats but none are better than the party boats that crowd the lakes.

Al Capone might be the biggest name in all things that deal with the Mob, mobsters, gangsters, or whatever else you want to call them. There's the Sopranos, Tony Montana, and Al Capone. These three ran the streets of almost the entire country and you were crazy to even think about stepping to these guys. Sure, they handled a lot of business and were tough guys, but they still knew how and made sure to enjoy their free time.

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Proper Partyers

Living the life of a mobster, you have no shortage of money, drugs, alcohol, women, and whatever else you could ask for. There wasn't a day that a the idea of throwing a party was a  "should we" but instead it was "what time"? They enjoyed their free time and always did things in the most extravagant of ways. Capone being literally "the man" everywhere he went, people would just follow, and clamor at the chance to spend time or party with the boss. Capone was no stranger to the party scene and was actually known as an amazing host.

Marriage To Michigan

Capone, as many know, has ties to the state of Michigan. Capone, spending a lot of time in Chicago, would often escape the city to the wonderful lands of the mitten state. From having hideouts all over southwest Michigan to some of his associates being caught in St Joseph. As someone who has hangouts, he didn't get out much when he was in the state of Michigan. I would assume that most of the time he was here running away from a possible crime and needed to lay low, but he wasn't always running when he came to visit.

Charlevoix Cruise

Way back in the day, late 1800s to be exact, there was a large wooden boat assembled. This boat was mostly used for goods and served as more of a freightliner for trade goods. As the world evolved and they moved away from tradition and tried new methods, this boat was retired but found a new purpose. It was turned into a speakeasy, there was alcohol, live music, dancing, and tons of parties. Capone would throw many boisterous parties in his party boat that sat on a lake in Charlevoix.

For years, Capone gave the people of Charlevoix a great time when he was in town, often raging into the wee hours of the night. They would drink, dance, eat, laugh, and just have an awesome time enjoying each other's company. Eventually someone was shot in the cabin underneath and this would be the beginning of the end. A church group would then purchase the boat and it would sink under neglectful conditions.

Busted Boat?

Today, many divers are having the time of their life going down and exploring the remains of what used to be a lively party boat. The boat still offers stories, memories, and possible artifacts, but if those walls could talk I'm sure we would know things we shouldn't. The sinking of Al Capone's party boat is like a glimpse of the past that offers so many wonders about his life and why he would be in Charlevoix, Michigan.

House Boat Airbnb in Michigan

House Boat Airbnb in Michigan

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