The infamous Chicago gangster allegedly had hideouts in Paw Paw and Constantine?

Al Capone was a very violent organized crime leader in Chicago in the 1920's.  He had is hands into everything from prostitution, gambling and murder.  But he best known for bootlegging during prohibition.  I take that back.  He's most famous for one particular act of violence according to,

... the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929, in which he ordered the assassination of seven rivals.

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What does this have to do with Southwest Michigan?  Apparently, when you need to relax after a long season of murder and debauchery you come to Pure Michigan.  Legend has it, Capone owned a mansion in Constantine, Michigan called "Purgatory."  There's not much left of it today.  However, I did find a video tour of what's left of this alleged safe house for the violent gangster.


There are also many reports that Al Capone owned a beautiful home in Paw Paw on Three Mile Lake.  This beautiful lake house on 41st street sold for $769,000 back in 2018.  It's now estimated to be worth nearly a million dollars.  Not bad pad overlooking the lake with the newly renovated Manor and Carriage homes.

Al Capone's Paw Paw Home

There are a total of 80 photos of this home.  You can see all of the pictures by clicking here.

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