Whether you've lived in Michigan for a majority of your life or a couple years, you know that there's always a new place to see. Our great state is full of adventure.

So, why do people think that we're just some kind of throw away state? I've lived in a few different places and I swear people love to hate us and it's not even for a legitimate reason. Or you ask them what they don't like or like about our state and they can't even tell you because they either don't know or haven't been here.

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For example, when I lived in Florida, someone asked me where I was from and when I said Michigan, they said "Oh, so you're like, Canadian." What? Canada is it's own country. Clearly you didn't graduate at the top of your class, bud.

You're probably like "Erica, what's your point here?" I'm getting to it.

The Top Destination Spot in Michigan

So, I came across this article that Buzzfeed wrote about the 'Top Destination Spots in All 50 States,' and there's some pretty great spots.

Washington's was Olympic National Park and Tennessee's was the Smoky Mountain's. All obvious choices, right?

Our state is so great that people couldn't even pick one specific place for people to visit. They put the Lower and Upper Peninsula because our entire state is worth seeing. Every part of Michigan has a totally different vibe. Here's what it said;

"If you come to Michigan, try to visit both the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula because they are very different places. In the lower, visit Mackinac Island, Traverse City, or Sleeping Bear Dunes and in the upper, go to Tahquemenon Falls, the Soo Locks, or the Keweenaw Peninsula."


You can read more on the top destination spots by going to Buzzfeed's website.

The Best Fall Colors in Michigan

If you're a fan of fall and you want to see all of the leaves changing, it's almost time to hit the road. The end of September or beginning of October is the best time to head to the Upper Peninsula. The rest of Michigan will see fall colors around mid-October.

For more fall colors, click here.

Lies Michiganders Tell Themselves About Fall

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