New changes and policies in the State of Michigan, known as the REAL ID Act may leave certain people left in the dark or stranded without the proper identification going forward.Those of you who travel or enter federal buildings may want to take a trip to your local Secretary of State soon and update your State ID/ Driver's License.

Yesterday Secretary of State Ruth Johnson announced that Michigan residents have the option of applying for a driver’s license or ID card that will let them board flights and enter federal facilities because of a federal mandate. Registration for this started in August 2017.

Ruth Johnson elaborated:

Without a card accepted by the federal government, Michigan residents will face the inconvenience and extra expense of having to get a passport or another accepted document to fly or visit federal buildings. To avoid future headaches for travelers, we will offer a compliant card for those who want one, and, for those who don’t, we still have the standard card for normal identification purposes.

Compliant cards will be marked with a star inside a gold circle on the upper right corner of your new card and there will be no extra fee for the REAL ID.

Starting October 1st in 2020, the federal government won't allow Michigan residents carrying a driver’s license or ID card that doesn't comply with the federal REAL ID Act to board domestic flights or enter a federal building, nuclear plant or any military base unless they have another accepted identity document (Like Social Security Card or Birth certificate). But that seems more of an inconvenience. This new card may be the way to go.


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