Many people warned me about Spirit Airlines and I didn't listen.  You get up at 5 AM on day 1 of your vacation feeling pretty good.  You got what you think was a pretty decent deal on airline tickets to a place you've never been, New Orleans.  You drive a little over 2 hours to the Detroit Metro airport and go through the TSA nightmare.  That's ok, you expected that.  And it was a nightmare.

Let's talk about what you didn't expect.

#1.  The additional $70 per person, round trip for a carry-on or $60 per person for a checked back.

#2.  The additional $52 per seat (round trip) in order to sit next to your partner.

OK, after the unexpected additional $220 you spent to fly with luggage and sit next to your partner on this flight was not exactly affordable, but you're ready for New Orleans!

Oh wait, there's a mechanical issue.  So you sit on the plane for an hour wondering how this delay will affect your vacation plans.

90 minutes into sitting on that plane the pilot announces you will be deboarding for "your comfort."

Over 3 hours later you are told the flight is cancelled and to pick up your bags downstairs.

No Spirit Airlines employee will help you because there are no flights going to New Orleans until tomorrow.  So, you call Spirit Airlines from the Detroit Metro airport while you wait almost an hour for your bags.  They have no flights to New Orleans from Detroit for the rest of the day and they will not book you on another airline.  They will offer you a $50 voucher for a future flight on Spirit Airlines that expires in 90 days and cannot be used on bag or seat fees.  That is awful generous, as you are stuck in Detroit trying to cancel your hotel in New Orleans and mourning the loss of your vacation.

After voicing your great displeasure on twitter with their lack of customer service on what is quickly becoming the worst day of your life, they offer you a whopping $150 per person voucher on future Spirit Airlines flights.

During your twitter conversation with Spirit Airlines you tell them, "People trust your company with their vacations.  You have a responsibility to your customers and you have failed."  You never hear from them again.

MANY people told me not to use this airline.  Don't make the mistake I made.  In fact, go to twitter and search "Spirit Airlines" and read tweets of people's souls being crushed in real time.


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