We've all seen those hilarious pictures of the #PeopleOfWalmart. Folks who either feel no shame going out in public in almost nothing, in some kind of costume or just the most ridiculous outfit you've ever seen. It seems the shame-level is starting to reach a new demographic. Either that or they are no longer shopping at Walmart.

Recently the hashtag #PeopleOfMeijer popped up on Instagram and what I saw has me puzzled and a little frightened for my life. I love Meijer. I've been shopping there for my whole life and have never once encountered anyone daring enough to show up like these people. Let's take a look at these pictures and work through it together:

I just don't know what to say to this guy. But at least he shaved. 

Instagram VIA @thedecorguru


This takes a special kind of talent to be this lazy. That's putting in work to be lazy...

Instagram VIA @itsthatgirlnamedalex

Is it cold in here or is it just my kid-sized skinny jeans?

Instagram VIA @Lindsaygretka

Okay, I've seen Jeff Bridges as "The Dude" sport this look. But he never did it in 20-degree weather. 

Instagram VIA @paparazzi_renee

There are plenty more gems on Instagram that I couldn't post. I really don't care either way how somebody shows up to the store, but it is funny to see how people have zero shame these days. Either way, it'll be really interesting to see how this whole #PeopleOfMeijer thing plays out. I'll be there tonight in my pirate costume!

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