I have it! The secret to make even the worst day instantly better! Her name is Godiva.

Godiva is about 10 weeks old and just wants ALL of the love. She was trembling with excitement over the mere possibility of me giving her pets and snuggles. Which I did. I gave her all the pets. Although snapping a clear photo was a challenge because she just wanted to play! Not that I blame her.

Godiva 2

Side note: something happens in my brain where I suddenly switch to baby talk, even while typing, when thinking about an animal. Weird?

Moving on to more important things, Godiva is one of many puppies currently available for adoption at the SPCA of SW Michigan. She's fixed, microchipped, up to date on her shots and ready for her new forever home! As a reminder, if you currently have animals at home and are concerned about them getting along you can always schedule a meet and greet.

If you can't adopt a new animal but are interested in volunteering great news! Orientation has finally opened back up to train new volunteers. You may work with the animals, walk the dog, help with front desk duties...there are so many ways you can help. Find more information on volunteering here.

With all of our recent snow I also wanted to take a moment to remind readers about the Cold Noses Warm Hearts program the SPCA of SW Michigan offers. Volunteers construct warm warm shelters and coordinate food for that animal too. If you know of an animal that may need this program you can contact the SPCA here.

And, as always, I ask that you share this with a friend or family member that may be looking to adopt a new animal. Our goal every week is to help these animals find their forever homes.

Catch Dog Days every Thursday around 7:35am. We broadcast both live on-air and on Facebook Live as well.

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