New home owners in Comstock woke up Saturday Morning to find their house spray painted and a large window broken.  Maybe you can help find the offenders.

This happened on the short stretch of Savannah Ave near the intersection of Gull Rd and Sprinkle Rd late Friday Night.  The new owners of the home told us Saturday Morning that they had just purchased the home 3 days before the vandalism took place.

The new owners believe at least 3 people were involved pointing out the very different handwriting on the left side, center and garage as seen in the pictures below.

Spray painting "Colts 17 Rule" may indicate seniors at Comstock High School.  Comstock Class of 2017 graduated on Friday June 2nd, while the last day of school for other Comstock High School students was Wednesday June 14th.  But right now, there is no way to know for sure.

Last year about this time someone spray painted "Colts" in yellow on the pavement of both Savannah Avenue and Saratoga Avenue just yards from this home.

If you have any information about this vandalism please contact Kalamazoo Public Safety at 269-337-8994 or click here to contact them via email.

If you have experienced similar vandalism in the area recently please let us know in the facebook comments below.


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