Using equipment from a Michigan pub and a 1987 fire truck from Coldwater, this Ohio man has a hot side hustle.

This fire engine served St. Joseph Township back in the day.  Kevin Mullan purchased this big red life saving machine from a Coldwater, Michigan farmer for $5,000.  The farmer hoped to use it to water crops but it would sink into the field due to how incredibly heavy the vehicle is.  Mullan found a new job for this fire engine when he turned it into a mobile beer stand.

This is wear facebook marketplace comes in according to  He found a Michigan pub that was going out of business and was able to purchase all the equipment he needed to create Ladder 419.

Why did he do this and why is it call Ladder 419?  419 is Toledo's area code and he likes beer according to the "about us" section of this website Tapped 419,

I like beer, and all things local, and I love local beer. So what better way to bring local breweries into the spotlight than a big red shiny fire truck. Bonus, I now own a fire truck (and my wife is ok with it!).

You can follow Ladder 419 on Facebook and Instagram.


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