When your name is Jett and your dad has an airplane, this is how you do a promposal.

Most of us will just ask the guy or girl we like to prom in person.  Others will do it over the phone out of fear of rejection.  Then there are the texters.  Jett just set the bar far too high for most guys in West Michigan.  Thanks a lot Jett!

After soccer practice, Three Rivers student Jett Haifley and his girlfriend Kelsey Barrett went for a flight with Jett's dad.  Below, Jett's mother and sister were using 15 bags of flour to spell out "Prom?"  How many guys has the whole family pitching in for a promposal?  That's pretty awesome.

She said yes with a thumbs up and the story hit Inside Edition!  Check out that video below.

The question is, how can Jett possibly top this?  One day his marriage proposal may involve a volcano or a space suit.




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