Weenie Kings, Pinups and lots of water; Three Rivers is our next stop on our small Michigan town series.

With a population of almost 8,000 people, Three Rivers is the largest "small town" we've focused on so far.  We asked you on Facebook what your favorite things are about this great little town with an absolutely gorgeous downtown area.  Here are some of your answers.

5 Things Everyone From Three Rivers Knows

#5. Kayaking!

The place is called Three Rivers after all.  Let's just say it's not hard to find a good place to Kayak here.  A huge thanks to Michelle McWilliams for the suggestion and the photo.

Michelle McWilliams


#4. Lowry’s Books

This popular bookstore in the gorgeous Three Rivers downtown area have pretty glowing 5 star reviews on yelp like this one from Kswiss S.,

Loved this quaint little book store. Owners are very helpful. If there's a book you want old or new they have it. Cute little hidden treasure.

Google Maps


#3. Pinup Salon

Just two weeks ago Katie Beth Bowers had this to say in her 5 star review on Google reviews,

Quiet, quaint and friendly. Excellent service. The salon is clean and very well taken care of. Best salon in TR. Best cut and colour I've had in years! ❤

Google Maps


#2.  Speed Trap

Don't let all of those lanes on US 131 fool you.  The speed limit is not nearly as fast as it should be.  Am I right?

David Lentz


#1.  Weenie Kings

This Three Rivers favorite is a mobile hot dog joint started by Mike King in 2006.  Great...now I'm hungry.

Weenie Kings


OK, this didn't make the top 5, but it's a thing.  As a teenager, I once lived on the corner of French and Hooker in Three Rivers, MI.

There are a lot of awesome things about Three Rivers.  Let us know what we missed in the facebook comments.


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