Shadow Spirit Paranormal Investigation will be going live from a Body Parts Museum and from the Old Allegan County Jail, as they've just announced through their social media. Spring just started and already people are getting their Halloween vibes on, as Cornwell's Turkeyville have already announced their Fall plans to feature a haunted experience every weekend this October.

Shadow Spirit Paranormal Investigation made the announcement, even sourcing for experiences people from the public have had:
Saturday April 10th Shadow Spirits will Go live From the Old Allegan County Jail. last live Episode in Muskegon had 1,800 Viewers. Also Body parts Museum!! YEP!! That's what we said!! Stay tuned for information on a live investigation at Michigan body part Museum coming in late April.
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The S.S.P.I is a small group of people based in Buchanan, Michigan and use state of the art equipment combined with knowledge from paranormal study during their investigations. Mainly focusing on the southern part of Michigan, and the northern part of Indiana, all their investigations are private and free of charge, although they do accept donations.
The group encourages anyone who is experiencing any kind of paranormal activity to contact them, and they'll make an appointment to come investigate, free of charge.
There are a lot of creepy places in Southwest Michigan that are rumored to have strange activity, including the Kalamazoo State Theatre, Henderson castle, The Civic Theatre, along with many neighboring towns with their own "haunted" history. Who knows what they'll encounter, but we'll have to keep an eye out on April 10th.

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