We haven't even gotten into the 70 degree range yet in 2021 but Corwell's Turkeyville in Marshall is already thinking of ghosts, ghouls, goblins, pumpkins, cider and all things Fall, as they've announced dated for their Haunted Adventure later on this year. The event is running every Friday and Saturday in October starting on the 2nd & 3rd and continuing until Devil's Night and Halloween. Their Facebook events page gives the details as they are so far of the event:

Join us for a day of fun spooky adventures. the ticket includes haunted barn, spooky hay ride and corn maze. Apple cider and homemade donuts are available also. Pumpkins are $1 with purchase of a wrist band ticket.

For me, Halloween could be twice a year and I'd be totally okay with that. Early Spring is JUST like late Summer weather in Michigan so why not? They're already staying ahead of the game by also planning their Fall Festival which begins on the 2nd as well. For many places, it's starting to become business as usual. Let's just hope they stay on track to be able to hold the events this Fall, because we all know we need some fun this year.

If you're like me and stay in Halloween spirit you can enjoy reading about some of the creepiest Michigan urban legends that are rumored to exist. Or there's the guitar in Ohio that's described as actually being haunted. Whatever your pleasure, we've got you covered with all the creepy stuff and Halloween stories right here.

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