There's nothing more eye-catching while you're driving down the road than a really unique mailbox. Especially, if you happen to find them on an otherwise less traveled road.

Every once in a while I'll spot one while exploring the Kalamazoo area or while taking the backroads to Lake Michigan's shore. So, I recently took to the Facebook group Abandoned, Old, and Interesting Places in Michigan and specifically asked for photos of unique or interesting mailboxes others may have come across. This is the result.

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Now, before we dive in, these photos were submitted by those commenting on the post but, that doesn't necessarily mean the photos are of their mailboxes. With that in mind, hats off to whoever does own these mailboxes because you have to admit...they're pretty cool:

Unique and Interesting Mailboxes in Michigan

Here are just a few of the splendidly special mailboxes spotted across Michigan

These are just the mailboxes that were submitted by those who saw my post in the above-mentioned Facebook group. Are there many more to be seen across the state of Michigan? Of course! If you have a unique/odd/quirky mailbox you'd like me to add to this gallery, send me your pictures using the chat feature on the KFR app.

If you think those Michigan mailboxes are unique, how about a Michigan movie theater...for squirrels...

Michigan Movie Theater for Squirrels

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