If you have never thought of giving your pets marijuana, you might reconsider it

Dogs just like humans experience chronic illness, arthritis, and anxiety. Now some pet owners are using marijuana and hemp based products to sooth their animals troubles. Brad Stottlemyer has an 11 year old lab mix that has been suffering from cancer. Since he has started treating his dog Misty with marijuana "she has become more active".  Many other dog owners have had similar experiences and praise the hemp-based products. Yet many vets are not entirely on board with the idea of self medicating your pet.

According to the Detroit Free Press, here is what one vet feels about the movement of administering pot to pets...

Dr. Christian Ast, a Farmington veterinarian and vice president of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, said the lack of rigorous scientific data and the legal cloud surrounding CBD products has veterinarians reluctant to delve into that marketplace.He’d like to see vets have the ability to consult with pet owners to ensure that they know the benefits and differences between CBD-infused products versus THC-laced products and to make sure their dogs don’t overindulge

Yet on the flip side...

There aren't many scientific studies about the benefits of CBD for pets, but researchers at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine published a study last summer showing that 80 percent of a small sample of dogs showed pain relief and increased mobility after two to four weeks of CBD treatment. Colorado State University also is working on a clinical trial that is showing early positive results of treating epileptic dogs with CBD.

In the end I think it is always best to check with your vet before giving your pet anything out of the ordinary.

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