It was just another Tuesday in University Heights, Ohio.  Well, except for the pantless man walking around outside.

Right smack dab in the middle of rush hour a man was allegedly walking around pantless.  Around 5:30 in the afternoon local law enforcement responded to a reported streaker of sorts.  Police arrived to find a reportedly intoxicated elderly man walking in a parking lot going full Winnie the Pooh according to,

Police arrested the 68-year-old University Heights man and charged him with disorderly conduct. He was then taken to a local hospital for an unrelated medical issue.

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I'm not sure why the good people of Ohio are at such odds with their clothing.  There was a time when an Ohio man was arrested walking by a McDonald's naked in Columbus.  Then there's the Richmond Heights man that was busted for mowing his yard naked.  That just sounds dangerous.  We can't forget about the crazy incident in the small town of Nelsonville that involved a woman stripping down to nothing and then attempting to fight police while naked in a Family Dollar.  All three of those examples happened within the last year.

I sincerely hope this 68-year-old Ohio man that just got arrested in University Heights gets the help he needs.  Trust me, going full Winnie the Pooh is frowned upon according to my recent Amazon driver.

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