Ohio man learns the "hard" way that a chainlink fence is not a privacy fence when the police stop by.

It was a very hot day on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022.  The sun was shining with temps around 93 degrees.  In fact, the sun was shining in uncommon places on that day in Richmond Heights, Ohio.  Local law enforcement responded to a call of a man doing his best to stay cool while mowing his yard according to Cleveland.com,

They found him on a riding mower with only a hand towel covering his genitals. He put on shorts as officers arrived and told him that his chain-link fence was not considered private.

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If you think cooking bacon in your birthday suit was dangerous?  How about mowing the yard on a hot summer day with no pants on?  He's risking injury to his nether regions by sunburn, mosquito bites, bee stings, and flying debris from his mower.  Also, did this Ohio man think he can legally be butt naked in his backyard because he has a chain-link fence?  There has to be a reasonable expectation of privacy in order for you to go fully Winnie the Pooh or even totally nude.  For example, standing inside your house naked is legal, unless you're standing in front of a window with your curtains open, then it's not legal.

Almost exactly 2 years ago to the day, we brought you the story of an Indiana man that was found passed out and naked on his tractor in public.  Maybe these guys can start their own private club.  I'm really stressing the word private here.

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