A Dearborn Suspect didn't do himself any favors when he dropped his pants in court this week.

This suspect allegedly has an alarming pattern of behavior capped off by flashing the court his butt.  Last Sunday, 35-year-old Hassan Yehia Chokr of Dearborn was charged with two counts of ethnic intimidation after reportedly intimidating preschool children and allegedly making antisemitic and racist threats to children and adults. But, that's not why he was in court Tuesday.  The suspect was participating in a pretrial hearing for an incident from 2 years ago where he allegedly assaulted an officer and resisted arrest in addition to several other assault charges.

Chokr appeared via video from jail for his pretrial hearing Tuesday.  Early on, the suspect was very loud and disrespectful, leading to the court muting his microphone.  The suspect's loud outbursts were followed by the man dropping his pants and mooning the court.  He allegedly flipped off the court in video proceedings on Monday.

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It's important to recognize that the suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  However, acting like this in court when you have multiple charges from different incidents like assault and ethnic intimidation certainly paints the picture of a dangerous pattern of behavior.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Duane Johnson, Chokr's attorney, said that a mental health evaluation would be a good thing after explaining to the judge that his client was exercising his rights,

He indicates that he was merely expressing his First Amendment rights and freedoms of speech.

Judge Thomas made it clear that hate speech and free speech are not the same.  The prosecutor, in this case, pointed out one of the very dangerous threats spewed by this suspect,

The storm is coming to wipe you all out of our lives.

The suspect's bond is set at $1 million and will be required to wear a GPS monitoring device when and if he is released.

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