Many people all over Michigan and the U.S. are questioning why Gov. Whitmer hasn't released this man.

Back in January we brought you the story about 69-year-old Michael Alonzo Thompson.  He was arrested in 1996 for selling 3 pounds of pot to an undercover police officer.  Thompson was also arrested on gun charges even though he did not possess a gun at the time of arrest.  After his arrest police found 2 guns in his private residence.  One was an antique and the other was his wife's gun.  It is legal to openly carry guns in Michigan.  Important note: Thompson has never committed a violent act.  With all of that being said, he was sentenced to 60 years in jail.  People have been sentenced for far less for murder.  In fact, this is the longest sentence for a non-violent offense in Michigan history.

To add insult to injury, Michael Thompson is now fighting Covid-19 according to Mlive.  With this appalling case of injustice getting national attention, Attorney General Dana Nessel came out in public support of commuting his sentence.


  • Thompson is serving 60 years for possession of fire arms and selling pot.  Both of which are not illegal in Michigan.
  • Thompson has maintained a perfect record through his 25 years in jail.
  • Many inmates are let out early due to Covid-19 who have been incarcerated for more serious charges
  • Thompson is currently fighting Covid-19

With all of that info, why hasn't Governor Gretchen Whitmer released Michael Thompson?

You can sign the petition to #FreeMichaelThompson and find out who you can call to make sure Lansing hears your voice by clicking here.

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