Pure Michigan isn't just the Great Lakes, Mackinac Bridge, or Motown-- it's a state of mind.

The love and appreciation we Michiganders have for our Mitten knows no bounds. You'll find our mark on nearly every corner of the globe, and now the South Pole!

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A 51-year-old Indiana man recently acquired a piece of one of his favorite engineering marvels and brought it will him all the way down to Antarctica. Brendan Fisher is currently on a 13-month assignment with the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) where he is working as a heavy equipment mechanic.

Brendan's father, John, is a civil engineer meaning Brendan he was raised to appreciate all feats of civil engineering-- big and small. With the Mackinac Bridge being "the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world" it's only natural that both Brendan and his father would appreciate this modern engineering marvel!

Up North/Down South

It's not uncommon for pieces of the Mighty Mac to go up for auction; in the past Brendan has purchased pieces of grating to give to his father. However, this time Brendan made a sign out of a 38-foot piece of grating he purchased back in 2020.

How far is the South Pole from the Mackinac Bridge? 9,394 miles according to Brendan's sign!

MightyMac.org via Facebook
MightyMac.org via Facebook

Here's Your Sign:

Visitors to the South Pole can find the sign at the USAP facility. Because Brendan feared the sign would eventually be buried by snow, he obtained special permission to make it a permanent fixture at the facility.

I'm quite sure this must be the farthest-traveled piece of the Mackinac Bridge in the entire world but naturally, it begs the question: Is there also a piece of the bridge at the North Pole?

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