Grand Rapids a very strange and unlikely event occurred.
A black bear climbed up a tree and was hanging out as the world watched live in
Facebook. But on Twitter something equally as strange was happening..."the bear" created a
Twitter account and was live tweeting the whole event. Once we put the story out on Twitter, the beat took notice and gave a rather strange shout out to

Soon after, we replied showing our support to the Grand Rapids Bear and in turn, ended up getting a "re-tweet" from the GRB:

Things turned quite pleasant after that as the bear was safely removed from the tree and eventually released back into the wild near Cadillac:


All in all, yesterday's event could have turned out to be pretty grizzly, an unbearable thought I know. Luckily, all is well and the bear will live in the history books of days where not much else was happening in Grand Rapids.


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