Kalamazoo has already shown it has so much to offer a big sports fan like myself, so it's no surprise its oldest bar feels just like home.

Louie's Trophy House Grill is the perfect place to catch a football game on Sunday, which is exactly why I went there to watch the Lions game. The fact I was able to spend over 6 hours there without spending over $20 shows that this establishment has customers and their satisfaction with the utmost importance in mind.

The staff and regulars of the bar make you not only feel at home but part of the family. As Kalamazoo's oldest bar established in 1918 as a soup kitchen and restaurant to serve working Polish families, it is also rumored to have been a speakeasy during prohibition times. The bar was ran by multiple members of the family, primarily by Louise "Granny" Nowak until her passing. Her son Louie owned the bar until selling in 2007 to a long time regular and friend of the family, Mike VandeMaele.

It's incredible to say that next year will be their 100th year serving the city of Kalamazoo. This bar is a must for anyone visiting or new to the area. The food and drinks are unmatched and offers a perfect atmosphere for a fan of any team.

Make Louie's a stop of yours this weekend. I'll definitely be back this Sunday for the game.

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