You can't make this stuff up. The bear in a tree in Grand Rapids now has his own Twitter account and is tweeting all the updated action. He even replied to us! See his tweets here!

We heard about bears roaming around Michigan and how, if you come across one you should probably keep your distance. But what happens if you come home from work for lunch and find a bear in your tree? I guess you go live on Facebook and try to figure out a game plan.

NBC25 News is live on FB right now with footage of a black bear stuck in a tree that you can watch below. The only thing I think they will be able to do in the long run is tranquilize the bear, have him fall out of the tree and catch him in some kind of blanket. That or lure him away with a pot of honey. But maybe that only works in Winnie The Poo. Either way, if you're in the area, be safe and maybe capture a picture or two from a distance. Always remember to never approach a live bear, it probably won't end well.



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