What many of us fail to realize is that a lot of comedians start off in small cities like Kalamazoo. They are the class clowns from school, they always cracking jokes, and eventually had to start somewhere right. Well, most of them started off taking amateur gigs around town, mostly for the exposure, but sometimes there was a cash incentive. Well, Kalamazoo is about to get that same chance right here at Hopcat.

Ya know, Kalamazoo could benefit from a comedy club, like a legit comedy club with different acts and amateur nights all the time. That may be the dream of one Kalamazoo man, who's keeping it relatively low scale for now, before hopefully blossoming into something huge that provides a well needed service to our community. Just one thing, he's obviously going to need some help.

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Coming up later is month, June 22nd, there will be an amateur stand up comedy night,Haha's at Hopcat in Downtown Kalamazoo. Starting at 9pm and obviously an event that will be for those that are 21 years of age or older, expect to enjoy good food, good music in between acts, good drinks, and of course the hilarious jokes you're all coming for. They do have a list of talent already but are still looking for others who may want to participate.

There is still one more piece I have to mention, there is going to an act there unlike the rest of them that may spark some interest. While some people aren't good at thinking on their feet, others are and sometimes it makes for awesome comedy. Haha's at Hopcat will have an improv team there to run some of their favorite sets and play some of their favorite improv games. Get out, enjoy the talent, weather, and other amenities for a night. Hopefully if it goes well, it becomes a regular thing

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