Are you seeing lots of wildlife in Kalamazoo, Michigan lately?

I got up extra early this morning to begin training for my first 5k.  I hit the treadmill at 3:30 this morning.

I looked out the window and was surprised to see one large deer standing at the edge of my front yard.  As I started taking pictures I realized there were 4 deer.

Here's where it gets interesting.  It looks like they had a system.  They were all working together.  One deer was the lookout.  Each of the other 3 deer were in separate neighboring yards.  Then the all met in the road and made their big get away through my driveway.

I've been seeing lots of deer, squirrel and other animal tracks in my front and back yard.  Now, I've seen some of the wildlife in action.

Have you caught turkeys running through your yard or rabbits eating in your garden?  Share your Southwest Michigan wildlife pictures with us.

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