It's finally starting to feel like winter in West Michigan.

Whether you're a fan of the fluffy white stuff or not, brace yourself because it's headed directly our way! In fact, the National Weather Service (NWS) has already begun issuing weather advisories for Tuesday, January 8.

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With weather conditions expected to impact travel you may find yourself wondering which roads have been plowed or when you can expect city workers to get to your street. Thankfully, there's an app for that!

Did you know you can track city snowplows across select cities in Southwest Michigan? Here's how:

Portage, Michigan - PlowTraxx

SnowTraxx via City of Portage
SnowTraxx via City of Portage

According to the City of Portage plows hit priority streets within the first 4-8 hours, typically reaching secondary streets within 24-48 hours-- this is why street-parking is prohibited during winter months!

The SnowPath PlowTraxx web-application allows residents to see real-time locations of the city's 15 active snow plows and the plowed status of city roads. It does not, however, provide information on routine road salting. Click here to access information on Portage's plows in real-time.

Battle Creek, Michigan - SnowPath

SnowPaths via City of Battle Creek
SnowPaths via City of Battle Creek

The City of Battle Creek also utilizes a similar program allowing residents to track how recently crews have plowed city streets. The city says they prioritize their plows as follow:

  1. State trunklines and major streets;
  2. Battle Creek Transit bus routes and around schools;
  3. residential streets
  4.  cul-de-sacs and alleys

Access the City of Battle Creek's SnowPath application here.

Across Greater Michigan

mi drive/MDOT/
mi drive/MDOT/

An application I've found particularly helpful during major snow events is the official MDOT drive map, mi drive. This website offers current road conditions, accident reports, construction zones, and real-time snowplow tracking. You can even see what the roads look like firsthand as the MDOT plows are equipped with webcams!

What About Kalamazoo, Michigan?

In December 2022 the Kalamazoo City Commission approved a new GPS-tracking system for its city vehicles, which includes local snowplows. MLive reports the City of Kalamazoo has agreed to spend, "$220,752 for a three-year contract for an upgraded GPS system for 219 vehicles."

So, where's the app?

Your guess is as good as mine! Unless I somehow missed the memo, I can't find any information on an active GPS application to track the City of Kalamazoo's snowplows. So I guess we just---wait.

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