A community in Calhoun County is united and rallying behind a high school student who was recently critically injured in a car accident. 16-year-old Tyson Garrett, who is a standout basketball player at Homer High School, has shown some improvement. He suffered severe injuries when he crashed into a tree after hitting a patch of black ice on “L” Drive South Monday, January 17

Garrett had to be flown to a critical care unit in Ann Arbor hospital and is said to have traumatic brain injuries and his parents have been with him since he arrived there. We spoke to his parents, Henry Garrett and Nichole Austin, who said that Tyson is now awake and off of a ventilator as of Friday, January 21. But he still will require a lot of care and it will be a long road ahead for recovery.

"We can't thank the community enough for the overwhelming support they have shown us this week. It truly means more than we could ever imagine." - Henry Garrett - Tyson's father

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Many residents in the village of Homer, as well as Homer Community Schools, and even in other parts of Calhoun County and the region are rallying to support Tyson and also help raise funds to help with medical costs.

A parent of Tyson's best friend Courtney Moore, who organized the GoFundMe page, says students and staff at Homer Schools have really stepped up at this difficult time.

This community has come together to support this teenager and his family and it’s amazing. Several fundraisers besides the GoFundMe. I have #TyStrong bracelets that I am selling where all proceeds will go to the family. Fundraising jars have also been set up at the school's athletic games. - Courtney Moore

You can find more about what the school is doing by visiting their Facebook page at Homer Community Schools Home of the Trojans.

You can also find information about an upcoming Cornhole tournament created to be a fundraiser for Tyson's family HERE

We also have a link HERE that goes directly to the GoFundMe page for Tyson if you wish to make a donation

#TysonStrong and #TyStrong hashtags are also being shared across social media to raise awareness about the situation and help people locate the various fundraisers and online ways to help support the Garrett family.

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