Grinch goes crazy viral with hilarious antics on his motorcycle on the streets of Michigan City.

The Grinch was clearly feeling all toasty inside as he cruised around on his Honda earlier this week.  While stopped at a traffic light, the Grinch was caught on video by a family in a vehicle behind him and they upload some hilarious videos to their TikTok channel @el.b.219.  The most popular of those videos has been viewed 416.8 thousand times in just 24 hours.  This video shows the Grinch making faces and actin' a fool at nearby cars at the traffic light.

My favorite video from this Grinch on Wheels series shows the big green villain hopping off of his Honda to twerk.  The whole dance routine felt inspired by Magic Mike.

I have to tag this next video with a safety warning.  Whether you are The Grinch, Santa Claus or Buddy the Elf, please do not try these dangerous moves on a motorcycle.

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The final video shows the Grinch goofing off while trying to pass an SUV.  I'm pretty sure this video is sped up.  At least, I hope it is.

If the Grinch dancing on the streets of Michigan City, Indiana, doesn't give you the Christmas spirit, maybe staying in the Grinch's cave will.

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