You may be wondering, "Why?"

And honestly, that's a fair question! Turns out there's actually a logical reason for this unique "art tour" across Indiana's Grant County. Here it is:

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Jim Davis is from there!

Garfield Creator Jim Davis, Indiana
Jim Davis & Garfield - Getty Images

The creator of Garfield, everyone's favorite Monday-hating, lasagna-loving cat, was born in Marion, Indiana and grew up in nearby Fairmount. Could this be Indiana's biggest celebrity? The cat, I mean.

In honor of the cartoonist and all his achievements, including his philanthropic work for children's literacy, the community of Grant County, Indiana wanted to commemorate all Davis has done for rural Indiana,

In honor of the cool cat, communities throughout Grant County erected statues of Garfield. Each statue sports a unique design that depicts the heritage and character of the location in which it stands.

Wow. You must really love Garfield if you complete each of the 14 stops on this tour. "The Garfield Trail" takes visitors as far north in Grant County as the Arbor Trace Golf Course in Marion to Matthews Town Hall down south.

the garfield trail indiana
The Garfield Trail - Google Maps/Canva

Why Do We Love Garfield?

What's not to love?! As a Millennial I grew up reading Garfield comic strips in the Sunday paper, watching the cartoon Garfield and Friendsand many of my friends even had the classic Garfield phone.

His lackadaisical attitude and love of carbohydrates is something we can all relate to, even the next generation! Since its release in May 2024 The Garfield Movie starring Chris Pratt has grossed over $220 million.

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