It's no secret that people are struggling this year. We're living through a historical pandemic which is putting people out of jobs and causing them to not only struggle with bills but with basic needs like food.

According to a recent article from The Washington Post, shoplifting has spiked this year as people struggle to make ends meet. The most popular items stolen have, "largely been staple foodstuffs such as bread, pasta and baby formula." That may sound surprising to some but, from personal experience, people often don't talk about the fact that they're struggling. I look at my mother, for example, who refused to ask for help when we needed it. Instead, she skipped other bills or there were nights where we just had snacks for dinner or nothing at all. But, there are places that are there to help especially now. Places like The South Michigan Food Bank.

I came across a post from TC Custard in the Facebook group What's Happening Kzoo highlighting an upcoming distribution of fresh food for those in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Judging by the flyer posted, it looks like the Northside Association for Community Development, or NACD, and South Michigan Food Bank are partnering to make sure their community is fed. Here's what you should know:

  • The next distribution is December 15th, but this happens the third Tuesday of every month 
  • Whoever is in need is qualified to receive the fresh food distribution 
  • You can drive or walk up 
  • Boxes will weigh 30lbs. You'll need a way to transport it. 
  • It will be covid-19 safe with social distancing and required masks 
  • Event starts at 1pm and lasts until food is gone. 
  • Pick up at 308 W. North St. in Kalamazoo
  • If you have any questions, contact the NACD at 296-334-5490

See the full flyer below.

TC Custard's FB Post What's Happening Kzoo

While this highlights one specific location, the South Michigan Food Bank has a long list of locations where food will be available. Find more details on their website.

Not everyone is struggling, but I believe it's more than we may perceive. If you're not struggling but know someone who might be having a hard time with basic needs, like food, please share this with them. Hopefully, less people will go hungry this week.

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